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Era of a New Dawn Available Now - February 20, 2013

Era of a New Dawn
Available Now

Get the Novel and Soundtrack today!!!

Novel available at
Album available at
Don't miss out. This story trails the greatest mythical warrior to war against the gods since Kratos himself. A new Legend is born!

The Walking Dead Returns - February 10, 2013

Any other Walking Dead fans out there? The series 3 return tonight on AMC!

Keys To Your Room (Single) - November 1, 2012

Sacramento artist Young Dizzy is back with a hot new club single. One of the most talented artist in our area, I think we should show our full support. Not only does he make high quality music and performs with passion, he is knocking on the door of the majors in an industry almost impossible to break into. I have followed his career and watched him grow from a new local artist to an underground sensation. Make sure to watch his new single "Keys to your room" featuring the Ying Yang Twins. Its these type of songs thats going to bring us to the attention of the music industry and let them know "We do have real talent out here!"

The Endangered List - October 29, 2012

I'm watching the Daily show and Jon Stewart has D.L. Hughly as a guest to promote his new show entitled The Endangered List. It is a comedy yet serious documentary about saving the black man. He mentions the Trevon Martin situation. He says "It would be more illegal to shoot a spotted owl than to have shot Trevon Martin." That's deep. It's amazing to me that with so many senseless deaths people are worried more about animals. F**K that. Fry all the animals and put em on my plate with some A1 sauce and some ketchup, I'm more worried about the life of my children and other human beings then some f**king animals that would maul and eat yo azz if they caught you in the jungle. Get serious!!!

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